Communicate on the Same Wavelength



There is a hidden harvest of incivility in the workplace


Focusing on the effect and forgetting about people and their needs does not end well for businesses. Of course, people can be programmed to be insensitive to these disadvantages. Indeed, one can internalize and glorify such a phenomena. Then, you can hear a statement from employees expressed directly or between the lines that this is how it should be, because it tempers them and emphasizes what is important and what is not important every day. Read: results are important and I am the means of their production and am proud of it. I think that each of us has encountered such an approach at least once. However, it doesn’t work.

You only need to remember two numbers to appreciate the value of relationships in business. 47% of those mistreated by their co-workers or bosses deliberately reduced the time they spent at work, and 38% said they had intentionally lowered the quality of their work. Empathy is important and is a key skill in business.

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