Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“I was waiting for them to invite me to speak.”

In an individualistic culture, people who can take a central position, express their opinions and convince others of their solutions are valued. If, in addition, it is an egalitarian culture, organizationally flat, then you can and even have to boldly enter the stage, ahead of your boss, and put on a show.

In hierarchical and group cultures, this is not the case. Position is everything there. Everyone has their own position and must comply with all restrictions and obligations associated with it. In order to speak, one must be invited to join a conversation, preferably by a senior person in the hierarchy. If there is no clear invitation, you remain silent. From the perspective of Western culture, it is the epitome of a lack of initiative and courage, but also evidence of a lack of ideas, knowledge and pugnacity.

This can lead to big misunderstandings and bigger frustrations. How much easier it would be if both parties were informed about these conditions beforehand…

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