Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“Honestly, I expect people to obey me.”

“I really don’t have time to discuss the obvious anymore. This task must simply be completed. I will keep pressuring you until it’s done – if not by pleading, shouting or blackmail, I’ll find another way. If not, I’ll be incredibly disappointed and that will also have consequences.”

Do you know such people? Bosses of this nature are especially difficult. The source of their anger is more fear of failure or loss of position than a specific person, but this does not change the fact that behavior like this is toxic.

What can help ease a situation like this? A good suggestion for an authoritarian boss is what he can do instead of his typical behavior if he really wants to get results. And for the opposite side, information on how to behave in order to speak a language that is comprehensible to an authoritarian person.

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