Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“He’s a bit of a wet blanket.”

Psychologist Kurt Lewin made a simple comparison of the two types of cultures. He compared them to two fruits: coconut and peach. The coconut is hard on the outside but sweet and soft on the inside. The peach, meanwhile, is soft and sweet on the outside, but has a hard pit.

It is difficult to establish relationships with people brought up in the coconut culture, but gradually, over time, these relationships become warmer and more friendly. It is exactly the opposite in peach cultures, where it is very easy to confuse superficial acquaintance with friendship, because the relationship is warm. Over time, however, we see the boundaries that protect what’s inside.

What kind of fruit you are depends on where you are and where you come from. A Brit in Paris will be a peach, but in California he may be a coconut. The boundaries are fluid. To sum it up: the person who was described as a bit of a wet blanket was just a coconut in a world of peaches. It is worth knowing who is who before establishing a relationship – and systematically remembering it as you move forward.

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