Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“He showed disrespect to his superior.”

The meeting took place on time and was very substantive, but it was poorly assessed. What was the reason? People in lower positions did not show the proper amount of respect to their superior. It was so strange that everyone met in a good restaurant, talked, took a taxi; it was relaxed, pleasant and friendly.

This was the case from the perspective of employees brought up in an egalitarian culture. Meanwhile, the boss was from a hierarchical culture. Receiving him in loose clothes, taking him in a regular taxi to a mediocre (albeit tasty) restaurant – all of this, in his opinion, did not reflect the level of respect he deserved. Addressing him without proper titles and people calling him by his first name was, at the very least, inappropriate in such a situation.

The right advice given to the right person at the right time would help. The solution is simple and within reach.

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