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How do we measure cultural differences?

Measuring cross-cultural differences requires defining the various dimensions of a culture. A similar process is needed to measure personality differences.

Describing the dimensions of a culture in the business context has been going on since the 1960s. Let us list, in turn, distinguishing the dimensions of high-context and low-context cultures according to E.T.Hall’s model, the theory of value orientation – the F.Kluckhohn and F.Strodtbeck model, the famous 6D model of G.Hofstede, the seven cultures of capitalism in the model of F.Trompenaars and Ch.Hampden-Turner, nine dimensions of culture – the GLOBE model created under the direction of R.J.House, and recently, the very popular model from E.Meyer’s Map of Cultures from 2014.

They all try to understand the structure of cultures and what divides and connects them. On this basis, appropriate tests are created to measure the intensity of the characteristics of a given person.

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