Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“Please use words when you write to me!”

Accepting the use of emoticons and even memes (including animated ones) in business is closely correlated to the age of both the recipient and the sender, as well as the industry they work in. How does this affect communication overall? The ratings vary. This is one of the examples that shows that the message, depending on the form, can take on an entirely new meaning. Adjusting the form, i.e. not only the tone, and also the length and format, makes it possible to avoid unnecessary tensions and conflicts.

It’s worth mentioning that drops of water can hollow out a rock over time and a slow education can change the attitude of both communicating parties. Therefore, advice that on the one hand will encourage limiting informal messages and, on the other hand, prepare traditionalists for informal messages, may cause little resistance to change on both fronts.

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