Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“I would like communication to be transparent.”

In Ray Dalio’s book, The Principles, such a corporate world is presented clearly and transparently. This is a real example that transparent communication in a company is possible. Unfortunately, many great players from the best universities have failed mentally under the pressure of ubiquitous truth. It is an environment only fit for the few. I guess that’s how nature made us, or at least most of us.

We all like 100% truth, but divided out in the right dilution. Just like alcohol. The real art is to know with whom you can talk directly and pour 100% truth into their glass, and who better to dilute and sprinkle it on a slice of cake. The key to success is not the truth, but the effect we want to achieve.

Em, just like a good bartender, will select the right ingredients and give you a ready-made recipe for your favorite drink. All you have left to do is mix and serve. We hope you get lots of high tippers!

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