Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“I wish I could just do my job and not have to focus too much on communication.”

And yet they keep coming to me with issue after issue, almost out of spite. And if they’re not starting conversations (because they’re working remotely), they send endless emails or chat messages. A person can go crazy, right?

If they only knew how much you didn’t like it… They probably wouldn’t behave in such an annoying manner. They’re probably expressing good feelings towards you in this way, but they didn’t take into account that you have different communication protocols. You like concrete messages – strongly condensed, substantial, intellectually nutritious – and they prefer juicy messages that drip from their beards. Or they do it because they work in marketing, but then you have to forgive them – it’s part of their job.

We assume that people are good, but they simply lack knowledge. So we provide this knowledge so that people like you don’t have to be exposed to these constant conversations. Good communication is possible, but it needs to be empathized – preferably with Empatyzer.

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