Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“I guess I often impose the topic of conversation, but I have no problem when someone else does it to me.”

People are interested in what they are interested in and there’s nothing wrong with that. But not necessarily all the topics you propose are interesting for others. The fact that they don’t say so is due to their psychological constitution, not necessarily their needs. They simply don’t have the determination and skill to cut through your narrative effectively.

This situation could be improved in two ways. It’s worth reminding others that they can interrupt you at any point to change the subject and nothing bad would happen. You, in turn, will benefit from the observation that if you wait out your inner pressure and do not take the initiative, then (maybe a little unexpectedly) it will turn out that there are also other people in the room with interesting topics to discuss. Both parties simply need to say what they can do to communicate better.

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