Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“He always talks a lot and it annoys me.”

“There is no time to think, because there are messages and ideas all the time. It’s stressful. It shuts me down, I turn off. I need space to talk. Silence is such a space. When I talk to a certain person, there is no space. So I sit quietly and listen. I don’t like it very much, but others don’t seem to mind.”

Many people who talk a lot, humorously and dynamically, have a strong belief that they communicate perfectly. They are confirmed in this belief by the fact that these features are desirable in society. However, this does not mean that these individuals can communicate with others. They can certainly talk to others, but not necessarily communicate with them. This applies especially to communication with people who are calm, closed, quiet and usually keep their distance.

Therefore, some good advice during a conversation can be useful not only to people who claim to have communication problems, but perhaps above all to those who think they are great conversationalists.

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